Change the World One Letter at a Time!

Be a part of something big. This summer(2014) I will be writing a letter a day to various people. I am challenging each of you(I am assuming you are here because you got one of my letters) to write a letter to somebody. This way, we can make a change for good in the world and we all can feel good about it!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Hi H! Thanks so much for the pictures. My favorite is the Buzz Lightyear one. He is pretty dang cool. "To infinity and beyond!" is my favorite line from Toy Story!!! Do you like eagles? They are very strong! In church yesterday, one of the speakers told a story about an eagle catching a 3 foot fish in the river and how strong the eagle was to swim with the fish in its talons to the shore. Very cool bird! :) Love ya, Aunt Alice

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