Change the World One Letter at a Time!

Be a part of something big. This summer(2014) I will be writing a letter a day to various people. I am challenging each of you(I am assuming you are here because you got one of my letters) to write a letter to somebody. This way, we can make a change for good in the world and we all can feel good about it!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Postcards a Plenty

I thought I would post the first big batch of postcards. Hope you all have been enjoying them. Feel free to leave a comment or two on the one you recieved. If you got ##11, I would love to know what I wrote to you and who you are. Apparently, I did not take a picture of what I wrote so it has vanished. I am looking forward to getting some postcards from y'all but haven't had any come yet! Cheers, Alice(a.k.a the postcard queen!)

Monday, May 30, 2011


These aren't hummingbirds but they do the trick! They still made me think of you!

I am hoping you have already had some sort of adventure this summer. If you have not, get out today and do something, even if it is blasting music real loud while driving with the windows down!!!!

I've spent the past few days with relatives in Green Bay. We stayed with my Aunt Linda who recently lost her husband. It was hard to be there without Uncle Tom, but I did have a flood of good memories! He was my favorite Uncle!

I got to eat friend cheese curds at lunch with two of my aunts, grandma and mom. It was a blast! Have a great day! Write me sometime! Alice


Hey Buddy! How's life treating you? Have you been enjoying your summer so far? I hope it has finally stopped raining so you can get outside and play more! Remember to get outside when you can because winter will come again! So, what is your favorite part of summer so far? Mine is having lunch with my aunts, grandma and mom across the street from Lambeau Field(where the Green Bay Packers play football). It was a blast. This postcard came from England last summer. I'd thought I'd use it up! Alice

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Let the Posting Begin!

I heard from a few people in the past few days that they have recieved their postcards. I think it is now safe to start posting the cards. I think I will do this daily. Gives me something to do and it keeps me out of trouble! :) Remember it is never to late to join in the fun. Send me a postcard(see address at top!)

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Howdy! I'm on my flight to Milwaukee right now. It was a crazy landing going in to Vegas. I almost didn't want to get on my next flight-but sometimes you have to do hard things to get what you want...and I want to get home to mom!!!

Thanks so much for all the kind words you have said to me this past year! You always make me feel so good about myself! You are awesome and I love your positivity!

Well, keep me posted on your summer adventures and I'll do the same! 916 Woodland Dr., Rhinelander, WI 54501 Alice


Hey guys. How's life? I'm on my flight to Milwaukee right now. Crazy to think that school's already out, isn't it?

K-remember that one time we drove to Vegas from Saint George, just to see the Bellagio Fountains? That was an awesome trip! I found this postcard in some of my old stuff a few weeks ago and thought I'd use it for one of the 1st postcard experiments! I hope my little messy handwriting is readable. I can't wait to meet "stud muffin." He's going to be so cute! Hope all's well. Write me! 916 Woodland Dr., Rhinelander, WI 54501 Alice


Hey Guys! I thought you might enjoy a postcard from Las Vegas(you're former home!) I remember a lot of fun times there! How lucky I am that you have moved closer so we can have more good times! I'd like to thank you so much for getting me to the airport and always sharing your family and love with me. You are six of my favorite people! The flight into Vegas was so bumpy I almost didn't want to get on my flight to Milwaukee. but I knew I had to so I could start this party I like to call summer! You guys rock! Join the postcard experiment! 916 Woodland Dr., Rhinelander, WI 54501. Love, Alice