Change the World One Letter at a Time!

Be a part of something big. This summer(2014) I will be writing a letter a day to various people. I am challenging each of you(I am assuming you are here because you got one of my letters) to write a letter to somebody. This way, we can make a change for good in the world and we all can feel good about it!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hey Kid! Hope your day has been great! My day rocked today. First, the Packer Hall of Fame in Green Bay then a lighthouse in Door County! I never knew there was so much to see here! Jeanette, Marla and I have had a blast! (It should probably be illegal!) Hope you're doing well and I'm proud you're doing so well in your classes. Alice


Hey R-I hope you are having a great day. I bet you'll see me in Appleton before you get this but I thought a surprise in the mail would be nice. We stopped at this candy shop today and it was so cool. They had every candy you could imagine! I got a triple dipped malt ball. It was yummy! Hope you're well! Alice


Hi Mom-I'll probably be home much faster than this postcard! We went to the Cana Island Lighthouse today. It was awesome. We even got to climb the 97 steps to the lookout tower! It was an amazing view! Marla and Jeanette are so fun to travel with. We are having so much fun it should probably be illegal! I love being home! And I love you! Alice


Hey Dad-I'm gonna race this postcard home and probably beat it! The Hall of Fame was so fun. Seeing the Lombardi Trophy from this year was a cool experience. They also had Aaron Rodgers ring. I wish he would have been there too!! :) I bet you miss me! I better come home tomorrow! Love, Alice


E-How is it? I hope you are living large. I'm in Door County w/two of my friends and we are having a blast! We even climbed to the top of the lighthouse on the bottom right of the postcard! 97 steps and a great view! PERFECT! :) Just got back from Chicago on Tuesday. Got to see both the White Sox and Cubs. I LOVE baseball! Hope you are well! Alice


J-Nope "nothing to see in Wisconsin!" I saw a very cool lighthouse on Lake Michigan today. It was so cool to go to the top and see the lake and shoreline. We also saw some beaches and lots of animals. It is gorgeous here! Wish you were here livin' it up! Alice


S-Happy Birthday. I've been eating donuts and ice cream in your honor. The Hall of Fame was so cool. I got to see the FOUR Lombardi Trophies(including this year's!) So Awesome. I always get a good feeling when I'm at Lambeau. Hope you're good. Door county is pretty. Wish you were here! Alice


Hey You! I know you'd appreciate a card from Wrigley. It was so cool to get to this historic place. The ivy is so cool and the scoreboard is still manual! I could almost see the people of the 1920s watching a game in their suits and ties and dresses and umbrellas! It even made me a little teary eyed! Crazy! Wish you could have come with me. My nephew ditched me and I had a ticket! Alice


Hey Girl! Thanks for being a part of this revolution! I LOVE hearing from you! I was on this island today and climbed 97 steps to the top of the lighthouse. So cool. This part of Wisconsin is gorgeous! I'm gonna need a vacation from my vacation. I've been on the road for five days now! It's good though! Hope there is less drama these days! Write soon! Love ya, Alice


Grandma-It has been much too long since I've seen you! I need to make a trip to GB because summer is going too fast! Right now I'm in Door County with two of my girlfriends. We climbed 97 steps to go on the lookout deck of this lighthouse; it was so pretty and amazing! I also got to two baseball games in Chicago earlier this week! I'm a spoiled brat! Love ya, Alice


Hey Chicka-I couldn't help but think of you while I visited this lighthouse today. I remembered you always have loved them! It was cool to hike the 97steps to the top and the view was amazing! I guess the light can be seen 18 miles away. Remarkable. I am having an amazing time in the homeland. It is always fun to be with family and friends. Love, Alice


M-Hey. I have been a traveling fool. Today I was at The Packer Hall of Fame in the morning and the rest of the day I've been on the pennisula of Wisconsin exploring Lake Michigan and Green Bay. It's so cool here! I'm sure you'll see the pictures online. It as way cool to see the superbowl trophy and ring! Love it! Alice

Monday, June 27, 2011


Congrats on being #60! And thanks for the postcard! I am loving all the cool stuff people are seeing!
R-this past two days have been amazing! I have gone to TWO mlb games in TWO stadiums. This is heaven-like to this baseball fanatic. Today was definitely a highlight. I even got emotional walking into the place. Baseball history is contained in Wrigley. I imagined people watching all dressed up in the old days! It was a dream come true to see the ivy at Wrigley. The game is always the same. A player ran into the ivy wall. Must hurt! Cubs won! Great day! Alice

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hey K-Going to Wrigley was a huge deal today. Baseball history lives at this almost 100 year old stadium. It felt like nothing had changed. It's cool how baseball has stayed the same! I love the green ivy on the outfield wall and enjoyed seeing a player practically disappear into it chasing a fly ball! So cool! The bison dog I ate was very tasty as well. Nothing like a dog at the park. Had a blast. Hope you are too. Alice

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Challenge #1: The Chicago Challenge

Alice will be in Chicago the next few days. If you would like a postcard from Chicago, email her your address so she will have it with her:
She is a little excited to be going to two baseball games in two days. HEAVEN!

Friday, June 24, 2011


J-For being so bored, you still haven't written me! I guess your not THAT bored! Well, this postcard is very appropriate because it is feeling like fall here lately! Seriously, I have forgotten what the sun looks like! I like the rain and all, but I do miss my friend, the sun. Almost as much as I miss you! Hope today you do at least one thing that takes your breath away! You only live once! Love, Alice


Long time, eh? I drove past Lincoln School the other day and a flood of good memories flew to my mind. In my mind, you are still that cool young teacher, who never really taught me, but was so kind to me!!! I love hearing all about your family and your adventures via facebook. You guys have a house full of love and that is so special! I love being here from Utah for the summer. Summer really is a big perk of teaching! I love it. Just playing softball in Wausau on Tuesday and Thursday nights and hanging with the family. Going to Chicago this weekend for two baseball games. Should be a blast! I'd love to hear from you. Alice

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hey A-Excuse me!!! Must read your postcards better. A mummified head is way cool! Have you been doing a rain dance? basically, it has been raining here for a week. I am about to build an ark! I'm hoping to see the sun again very soon. Your secret is safe with me! How was Rango? I heard it's funny! Have a great day! Alice

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


S. Hey again! J. and you sent me a postcard and I loved it! I look forward to hearing all your grand adventures. How was tea with Elizabeth II? And did you solve the mystery of Stonehenge? Raid a castle? I hope the experience was all you hoped for! Life is good here. It rainy this this week. So I'm not loving it but I'm sure when it's hot and muggy I'll complain that it's too hot! I did enjoy the thunderstorm this morning. It was very soothing. Now of to run and softball tonight! Love, Alice


Hey J! Did you save the Alamo? I hope so. I'm saving the world one day at a time by wearing PJs all day long and sleeping in! :) Hope the new job treats you well. Thanks for being a part of the postcard revolution! It was fun to get a postcard from Texas seeing most I am getting are from Utah. Have a great day! I'm off to play in Wausau again for softball tonight! Cheers, Alice


Hey again J! Thanks so much for the pretty postcard. Getting mail is definitely a plus for me these days! It was funny that you mentioned reminiscing and how everything is smaller because this past Sunday I was down in Wausau(the city I was raised in) and I drove through the old neighborhood. It's true. I used to ride my bike all over that place and it felt like it took forever to get to friends' houses but now I look at it and go: "wow, that place was small!" I am totally already a member of the "I refuse to grow up" club. We should start planning monthly activities! :) Glad to hear nothing changes at summer school. Gotta love the self medication that goes on. Poor lost souls. Hope youth conference was good. I love the youth of the church. I did catch two fish last week. You can see pics on my blog:! This week is pretty chill but next week will be crazy. I'll be in Chicago for TWO pro baseball games! Can't wait! Later sis! Love, Alice


K-thanks for writing! Sounds like you guys are just chillin' and loving it!(as it should be) I put the web address on the top. Weird that I forgot on the first card! It has been pretty low key this past week. I'm just chillin' most days. I have played lots of softball. My womens' team is undefeated! My coed team is winless. I actually think my girls team could beat my other team. Sad but true! I do remember that hike btw. I loved that it was so pretty and seeing moose was an awesome experience. It totally thunderstormed this morning. I actually was woken by it and it didn't make me angry! I was glad to be able to lay there and enjoy the rain and thunder. I am missing the sun though. It's been chilly here. I guess I'll complain come July when it's hotter than hades! better enjoy it now! Keep having fun! Love ya, Alice P.S. I got tons of bites from this silly state bird!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Hey J! Welcome back to the states! I am sure excited to hear about your trip. I bet you are sad to be back. It will be okay! I promise! Jet lagged still? I actually am a fan of jet lag! It means you got to do something rather amazing and that is a great feeling! Well, I'm excited for your visit but in the meantime, we better live it up! Get out and enjoy today. A


Hi H! Thanks so much for the pictures. My favorite is the Buzz Lightyear one. He is pretty dang cool. "To infinity and beyond!" is my favorite line from Toy Story!!! Do you like eagles? They are very strong! In church yesterday, one of the speakers told a story about an eagle catching a 3 foot fish in the river and how strong the eagle was to swim with the fish in its talons to the shore. Very cool bird! :) Love ya, Aunt Alice


My S. Thanks so much for your drawing. I love it and it is hanging on my bedroom wall! Aren't these owls cool? Owls are one of my favorite birds. They are cute and make a who? who? sound! I hope you are playing outside a lot and being a great Batman! Listen to your mother and father! Love ya tons and miss ya! Aunt Alice


O. I miss you. You are as cute as this little racdoon. I liked the pictures of your new haircut! It didn't hurt at all, did it? Thanks for the drawing! Love ya, A

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hey! Can I tell you how awesome it was to chat with you last night? Well, it was awesome! It has been much too long. I think time is warped sometimes. Usually Jan-May fly by. Well, except for March. It's the slowest of the year. I am loving home. I wonder what I'll do with myself if I ever get tied down and can't make the trip every year! That will be tragic! Going to Wausau twice for softball a week isn't as tiring as I thought it would be. I am actually loving playing on two teams. I really love the game and the people I play with. Cheers!


Howdy! So glad to get your letter! How fun is it to get real mail? VERY! I'm still loving break. I was just thinking this morning how I'm not quite close enough to feeling totally re-charged. I guess I'll give myself til the end of the week to think about starting my online class!!! Softball last night was a blast. My team is undefeated 3-0. I don't wanna be cocky because next Tuesday's game will be intense1 The weather has been completely gorgeous so far. I love it! Not too hot, not too cold1 My mom even came out and watched last night! It's good to spend time with her! How all's well!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Hey Friend! How's it? I hope this card finds you happy and well. What's new? You enjoying the summer weather and getting out and enjoying the beauty that is Utah? If you aren't, get out there today! Adventure is waiting. Life's good here. Not busy at all and that is pretty darn nice! The only big plan for today is washing the car that is full of bugs! Exciting, no? Softball tomorrow and Thursday are the big plans of the week. My life rocks. Well, I'd love a postcard and I love you! Alice


Hey again! I was thrilled to get your card and to know that you have already been enjoying the summer! And I have seen Lars and the Real Girl and loved it! So funny! If you like that one, you might enjoy Chaos Theory with Ryan Reynolds. Kinda different but with a great message, like Lars! My parents celebrated 45 years of marriage yesterday. The whole family was in town to celebrate and it was a blast! We even ordered food like they ate at their reception(baked chicken, mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy and cake!) It was so good to have my brother here. I hadn't seen him for two years. It's kinda quiet now that everybody has left! This week I plan on fishing, Frisbee golfing and mtn. biking. What you up to? Alice


Hey you! I don't know why but for some reason this card kept calling out to be sent to you. Lots of train history around here! The logging of old used them a lot! I'll even ride an old one here in the next few weeks as my friend and her little kiddos will explore Camp 5 in Leona, WI. All my family was here this weekend for my parents 45th wedding anniversary. Crazy how they are still happy after all these years! I guess I just can't comprehend it when all my relationships have been short! It was great to see my brother, sister and all their families. The pictures will be cool memories. Hope all is well. Thanks for the card! Write again. Alice


Thanks so much for the postcard. You are actually the first person that wrote me back and that made me so very happy! That postcard was pretty cool. I'll have to go visit that place someday! I also want to know more about your seeing a shrunken head and a mummified body. That sounds pretty dang cool! I've seen some cool animals while being home. There's lots of cool birds here. I've also seen a deer. No bears, yet, but last year I saw one in my parents' backyard. Anything new with you? I'm just fishing and relaxing this week. Write again. Alice


Hey. Thanks so much for the postcard! You were the first one of the 1st ones I got! It made me so happy! Looks like you all are enjoying Seven Peaks. Looks like a great way to beat the heat! Just celebrated my parents 45th wedding anniversary. It was a blast to have the whole family in one spot, even if for a short time! I'm loving summer. I need to get to my lake again this week for some fishing! It's so pretty out there. I'm loving playing softball and getting to see all my buddies! Too bad it always goes so fast! hope all is well. Write again! Alice


Congrats on being #40! Hey. It seems like the 15ish years since we were roommates have not been that long ago. Man, time sure is flying, isn't it? Crazy. I can't believe that come fall it will be my 10th year of teaching! I hope we're not as old as that makes me feel! I also apologize for any of the stupid things I did or said back then. I realize now that I thought I knew so much back then, but really didn't know a whole lot! I love coming to Northern Wisconsin every summer. This place is so pretty and peaceful. I need to get out and fish more. The whole family was in town this past weekend to celebrate my parents 45th wedding anniversary. It was so nice to see my brother. It had been over two years since I last saw him! Well, I hope all is well with you! I'd love a postcard telling me of your adventures! Alice


I hope this is still a good address after all these years. I was in Idaho Falls not too long ago and I always think of you and wonder how you are your cute family are! I hope everything is going well. Life is good for me. 9 years of teaching are completed and I'm on summer break in the homeland. I'm truly blessed. The whole family is in town to celebrate my parents 45th Wedding anniversary. How cool!!! Life is good. Drop me a line sometime. Rita.


Hey. Long time, eh? I'm in Wisconsin for the summer and loving it. Having my time in summer is definitely a perk of my job! Life is good. I can't believe it will be my 10th year of teaching this next year. Time sure flies! How are you and your cute family? It's so crazy how long ago our fun times at Ricks were. It makes me feel old just thinking about it. Hope all's well! Rita


I loved your postcard and have been waiting for the right person to send this silly card to. it just seems right with your silly SUV!!! Loved it! Things are great here. About to go for a little run. I can only do 2 miles-Dr's orders. it is hard for me. I like 3-4 miles! I also caught two fish yesterday. So again this postcard is fitting. I love being at the lake and seeing fish jump and hearing the birds and trees! It's so pretty here!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Dearest family(there are so many names to write-j/k) It is funny that S and H were curious to know my favorite bird because I actually bought a postcard with a hummingbird on it. One of my favorite things to do while home in Wisconsin is to sit on the porch and read and wait for these cute little birds to come to our feeder. There little wings are so cool and they make such a unique sound. I love them. All is good here. This weekend all my family will be here to celebrate my mom and dad being married for 45 years. What an accomplishment!!! Well hope all's well for you all. Remember I love you!!! Alice

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Hey trouble! I hope you are having a spectacular day. I've been interviewing the cows here and California is guilty of false advertising. The cows are extremely happy to be here. Who wouldn't be? I've been very happy to be here. That could have a lot to do with me doing pretty much whatever I want and getting to sleep in. I am a lucky. What's new with you? It's fun to read your adventures in running. I'm excited for your 1/2. It may be even done before you get this. My parents celebrate 45 years of marriage this weekend. I'm excited to have the whole family in one spot!

Monday, June 6, 2011


Hey Trooper! Today is surgery day so you're in my thoughts a lot. At least that part will be over after today and you will be back to your crazy and OCD self! Don't worry. I'm doiing some fun things for you today in your honor. First a bike ride then maybe some fishing or frisbee golf. Love ya, Alice.


Hey guys! How are things? S: it was nice to spend time with you at graduation. It is so fun to hang out with and play! A: We need to hang out. BBQ in August? We can even invite your wife and baby! haha! Life is good here. Just chilling on the patio with my dad right now. He's doing the daily crossword and thinks I can help! I definitely have no patience for crosswords but get me on Scrabble and I love it! Well hope all is well. Later, Alice.


Hey! I thought your kiddos might get a kick out of the cows! We never had a wii party-how's the first week school starts? Maybe if we plan it now, it will happen! I'm loving summer. I am finally caught up on sleep. It's nice to just do what I feel like. Today is a biking kind of day. The weather has been perfect with no humidity. I better enjoy it before it's too hot and muggy! What's new? Any adventures? I bought Adele's album last week btw! "Rolling in the Deep" rocks!!! Well off toe the adventures! Write soon. Alice


Hey UK adventurer! I hope you enjoyed your trip and that this postcard will find you well when you return! What was your favorite part of the trip? That's a hard question because I remember liking every moment. I do love the "mind the gap" when you get on or off the tube! York was amazing as was Stonehenge but the Tower of London ranks up there with Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. Oh the memories! Mom was excited when I told her you had gone to England. She sure like you, who doesn't? I used the bag you made her to go to church yesterday. I think I'll need one! :) Alice


Hey. You're off on your UK adventure right now. I bet you are having a blast. I'm still patiently waiting for pictures to be posted on facebook! Must be having too much fun to post!:) Life is great here. I'm loving the opportunity to sleep in and just do whatever. Yesterday we had our first grill out dinner. We even ate on the patio-one of my favorite things! We also had s'mores. It must be officially summer! :) Only plan today is a bike ride and some reading. Maybe if I get ambitious, I'll go frisbee golfing! Life is good. Hope you're well. Alice


Hey. How's life? It's the second week of summer vacation and I'm starting to feel like a slacker. Guess that means I'm finally a grown up and better sign up for my summer college classes! :) Your kiddos are so dang cute. I bet they keep you out of trouble and very busy. Besides those little buggers, what you doing with your time these days? Too bad you're not playing softball still(or are you?), it'd be cool to have you on my team!!! Well, I'm off to have a bike ride around Rhinelander. I used to always make fun of this place, but it's growing on me! So pretty!!! Alice

Friday, June 3, 2011


Hey Kid. Thought you'd like to see what a cow looks like! Oh wait, you probably know! This one makes the most excellent cheese. I had some fried last Monday. YUM! How's life on the home front? You feeling any better? Work going ok? You should come visit seems to be a major stress reliever! At least I am feeling no pressure! Except to catch some fish and hit some softballs. My kind of stress! Write soon. Love, Alice.


Hey! How's summer treating you? Is Pinkalicious keeping you busy? How fun to have a new graddaughter! Been loving home! Got my first fishing trip in yesterday. The fish weren't hungry, but it was so nice to be out in the sun and on the water. I LOVE this place! I'm keeping busy and feel like the 1st week has already recharged me! Hope your living and loving summer to the fullest. You deserve it! Love ya, Alice.


How are your adventures so far this summer? I've played softball and eaten some great food with family and friends! It's been a blast. We(Dad, Mom, and I) even did some yard work this morning. The garden will be sweet! Write back. I'd love a postcard. Love, Alice


J-Sounds like your not excited about life right now. Remember to keep your chin up. There must be hard times so we can appreciate the easy times! I know whatever is going on in your crazy body is totally bearable with the right attitude! Went fishing for the first time today. I guess the fish were either not hungry or on a hunger strike(or maybe fasting for you!) because they did not bite. Only a nibble here and there. It was nice to be out by the water with the birds singing and the trees swaying in the wind though. Man, it's pretty here! Also; went to fish fry with mom and pop. Good times. Love ya, Alice.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Hey guys! I hope this card find you both well! I really enjoyed visiting you both a few weeks ago. You both are very kind and fun! I cannot wait to see you as parents! I'm loving being in Wisconsin. Today I will be fishing at my favorite spot and I hope to see my favorite bird, the Loon, while there! I've loved being with family and friends. I've also enjoyed a batter recharge by sleeping a lot and just hanging out. I even slept 'til 11:30 today! I love it. Alice


Hi. How's the summer so far? I am enjoyingn sights like you see on the front of this card. In fact, I'll be out on a pretty lake today for some fishing fun! I have loved being with family and friends. In fact, I haven't even thought about school in a whole week. Brilliant! Do you have any big trips planned? I'd love a postcard. Cheers, Alice.