Change the World One Letter at a Time!

Be a part of something big. This summer(2014) I will be writing a letter a day to various people. I am challenging each of you(I am assuming you are here because you got one of my letters) to write a letter to somebody. This way, we can make a change for good in the world and we all can feel good about it!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Postcards a Plenty

I thought I would post the first big batch of postcards. Hope you all have been enjoying them. Feel free to leave a comment or two on the one you recieved. If you got ##11, I would love to know what I wrote to you and who you are. Apparently, I did not take a picture of what I wrote so it has vanished. I am looking forward to getting some postcards from y'all but haven't had any come yet! Cheers, Alice(a.k.a the postcard queen!)

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