Change the World One Letter at a Time!

Be a part of something big. This summer(2014) I will be writing a letter a day to various people. I am challenging each of you(I am assuming you are here because you got one of my letters) to write a letter to somebody. This way, we can make a change for good in the world and we all can feel good about it!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Week One Update

Hi all. I have been loving writing a letter each day. Seeing I am already a bit bored and lonely, it is good to have this "hobby."

I have sent off six letters this week:
1. Madison,Wisconsin
2. Mont Vernon, New Hampshire
3. Neenah, Wisconsin
4. Pleasant Grove, Utah
5. Masstown, Nova Scotia
6. Lindon, Utah

Are you gonna be on this week's list? Not if you haven't told me you want to be a part of this awesome adventure. Get on it, eh?


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  1. Aiden has been pen pals with his Great Grandma for a few years now. He even bought secret spy pens that they use to send secret messages in their letters to each other :)